It's a long story. So i'll sum it up for ya.

October 20, 2010
I just have one question for you.
Did you THINK before you ruined my life? Did you even listen that one time i said you snapped my heart in half.

Of course not.
We're talking about the guy that can't show his real true emotions. Can't respect a girl unless she doesn't show any interest in him.

Well, no, not even then.

You're a freaking monster.
Just like Jon.
He twisted Michelle's thoughts.
Mixed up facts and called her a stalker.
And spread the rumor.

Ya know, you're JUST like him. Exactly.
Only i think you're worse.

You taunted me.
Pulled at my heart and sent me mixed signals.
You messed up my head.

You thought it'd be funny to finally tell everyone my secret.
You thought it'd be HILARIOUS to read that paper.
Out loud.
Screw how quiet it was.
You did it anyways.
You messed up.

You just LOVED seeing me wanna cry every day.
You enjoyed laughing at me.
It gave you something to do in this boring town.

There were some days when i was hopeful.
And actually thought you LIKED me.
"But what's the point...?" I thought.
There was no point.
You didn't care.
I was just another target for you to shoot at.
And of course you first aim for my head.

Your plan the first shot?
Put off the rumors the first four times you find out.
Then catch me off guard and read that paper out loud.


I'm instantly confused.

So where do you aim next?
My gut.
As in, i never have any guts to do anything. And i lose self-confidence.

You tell me i'm ugly, fat, etc.


I'm self conscious constantly.

Then you decided to aim for my mouth.

You try to trick me into telling everyone again myself.
Great job, you did.

Bang. -_-

Then you finally aim for my heart.
After about a year and a half of torturing me and taunting me and teasing me.
You got bored.
And thought..
Screw it. I'm done.


You decide you'd rather have me drop dead than kill me slowly.
So as the tears fell down my face,
you just turned your back.
And barely spoke to me ever again.

Why did you have to play with my mind like that?
Why did you just snap my heart?

I would've gotten an answer.
But typical Joey.
You leave before I can even try...

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