A Chipped Tooth

October 19, 2010
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During the winter of 2008, my friends and I were playing a basketball game in the Lien Gym during P.E. The game was going fine until something unexpected happened.

I jumped up to get a rebound at the same time as Jordan J. did, and as we landed, his elbow hit my mouth. Suddenly I felt really dizzy and soon discovered from my friends that my tooth had been chipped. My friends notified the health teacher Mr. Jones about the incident, and shortly they found the piece of my tooth and put it in a glass of milk. A friend took me to the locker room to clean up the blood.

Upon peering in the mirror, I looked like a hockey player that got in a fight. Brian thought this was kind of funny, but he tried to calm me down. We controlled the bleeding somewhat after a while.

Mr. Jones notified my mom, so she came and rushed me to the dentist, along with the tooth and the glass of milk. The weather was very cold, and I could feel the coldness in the now exposed nerves where my tooth was.

Despite anesthetics, I was awake during this whole process and uneasy about hearing drills and feeling the hammering on my teeth. The dentist told me that they had glued the chipped portion of my tooth over the remaining fragment of tooth. I would like to have my teeth remain in my mouth during the future.

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