"The Dream"

October 18, 2010
By Shawn23 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
Shawn23 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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" i refuse to lose" BY Maino

When I was 15 years old I really wanted to be an all-star athlete. Then one day I picked up a softball and asked around for people to play with some said "ok" but the others laughed in digust and humor as if they did not know what I was up to.
About three weeks later the community had started up a softball league and I was pressured to join and I did. As the months went on I was doing good everyone was amazed by my physical talent and ability to get the job done if someone failed to complete a task I picked it up and leaded the game to success.
When it hit the end of the season I sat in my room and prayed that I would not go back on the feild but what do you know I was accepted on the All-star team I thought to myself that I was not that good to be on the All-star team but I was according to some people.
That day of the game I brought our team to victory and I suffered a loss in life no one in my family showed up to see me play I felt let down.
About a year later I had joined the baseball team at a high school that I found to be a good school I was voted tthe best hitter on the team then after the summer I was reffered by the coach to a college and that is where I saw my light to becoming a star in baseball

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