Respect Your Elders

October 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Today most young adults never respect their parents, teachers, or others who deserve their respect. These people do many things that help them and they do not even realize it. I myself am guilty of this. I have taken advantage of my parents and belittled them. I have asked them for money and never even thought to repay them in labor or money with interest.
Most young adults have the luxury of sleeping in. Their parents, on the other hand, do not. They have to wake up and get their kids ready to meet the day. Because some parents work very hard and sometimes crazy hours at work, some kids have to grow up fast. I am one of those people. I help take care of my six brothers and sisters. Here is my schedule:
5:30 A.M- wake up
5:45-5:55 A.M- get dressed and clean my room.
6:00-6:15 A.M- make breakfast and lunches
6:30-7:20 A.M- seminary
8:15A.M.-3:11 P.M.- school
3:12-4:10 P.M- bus ride home
4:15-4:30 P.M- get ready for work
5:00P.M.-1:30 A.M-work
Then my day repeats itself.

Why do your parents let you do the things you do? Is it because they expect you to learn from your mistakes? Or is it that they have given up and left you to your own devices? If they have given up on you then they must know that you have no respect for them. You need to respect them for what they are trying to do. They are trying to help make you a better person and citizen. You need to try to understand them.

I understand my parents because I have been almost like one to my brothers and sisters. Life is hard for a parent, so they need help and our respect. Both of my parents work now. They work hard to feed and clothe us. Like most parents they are raising us to be better than or the same as they were. My parents call my brothers, sisters, and I their “Second Chance”. The reason for this is because they made mistakes and they want us to be better than they were.

Unless the young adults of today learn the lesson of respect, we will not know how to earn the respect of the generations to come. The world will be a place wear no one will trust anyone. We need to learn the lesson of respect so that we can earn it from the youth of the generations to come

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