Max- A Girl's Best Friend

October 15, 2010
He wasn’t just a dog; he was my best friend. From the tender age of two, he was my teddy bear, companion, and family protector. I remember perfectly his big, squishy body and his harsh fur, like bristles on a paintbrush, which would paint a picture of the next nine-and-a-half years of my life. I want to come home to his dark brown eyes covered by signature eyebrows accompanied by his jet black, long, wiry beard, and take in his musty dog smell all at once. I want to share those moments of determined, full of spunk, terrier attitude. Most of all, I want him back.

First, my dog Max gave me a big, soft, warm pillow every single day. I would plop down on the thick carpet with him, caressing his coarse, shaggy, Scottish terrier coat. I felt his slow, drumming heartbeat thumping along at a military march. He warmed me to the core, even on the most frigid, make-your-whole-face-purple days. It seemed as if he drew in everyone, warming their hands and their hearts like his own furry sun.

In addition, Max eagerly greeted me every day with his cheerful smiling eyes that practically called out “I’m so glad you’re here!” It was amusing, to say the least, seeing his rotund figure bounce around on four short legs right towards you, and look up just enough so you can see his keen face clearly under his graying facial fur. Better yet, at times only Max determined, he would roll over onto his back in sheer happiness and wiggle around, making a half growling- half choking sound that gave him the appearance of having a seizure, yet popping right back up as if nothing odd had happened after one or two minutes. No one will forget his comical and jolly presence.

If one knows about dogs, they will understand what I mean when I say “typical terrier temperament.” This famed die-hard, enthusiastic, vivacious attitude towards life was my favorite trait about Max. Max possessed the dignified, loving, and protective instincts of a classic Scottie; however, he barked incessantly and dug our yard into a patched mess. To be fair, this is what terriers were originally bred for, but it can get extremely annoying. In some cases, it can be life-saving as well.
Imagine a frigid winter day in January. Snow piles thickly on the ground, like someone with a sweet tooth spreading too much frosting on a cake. Mom relaxes in the bathtub, after a hard night at work, and a tricky baby sister is in the mood for life-threatening mischief. She finds a way to open the door to the fluffy-looking backyard, and creeps out wearing next to nothing. Max spots her entering his sacred kingdom from inside. Knowing that we would soon have a “Sister-sicle” to deal with, he starts furiously barking and scratching at the bathroom door. Wondering what is causing this abnormal behavior, Mom rushes out into the living room, and catches sight of Hannah outside. Max has saved the day!
While he may not have gone around in spandex and a cape saving the lives of citizens, he was my personal hero every day for ten years. From the joyful day Max came home, to the somber morning when I woke up and laid down on his big soft belly for the very last time, he was always there. Someone I could trust, talk to, and who could calm me down. Now, a sight one can only look back on in pictures, are the faces of a young Maddie and a young Max playing together, as free as the wind rushing through your hair. All my troubles swept to the side, as we chased each other in a never ending game of tag around the lush, green realm of our backyard, or lying in peaceful sleep on the couch.
Even though Max is gone, he remains with me all the time. He runs repeatedly around the couch and jumps on the furniture (knowing full well he isn’t supposed to). Like Santa Clause, I know I won’t look over the steps and see him bouncing around, but I still vividly remember the days when I did. In that manner, he will always be alive, because it is impossible to forget family. I fondly recall his stout, soft body, loving friendship, and his faithful guardianship and I know somewhere, someday I will see him again.

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