Love Lasts Forever

October 11, 2010
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In my thirteen years I've seen many different ways that love has been expressed. Normally you would think of love being expressed into hand holding in Junior High hallways, or kissing in the back of the school. Well in my life it turns out to be different.
My parents do love each other, even though they act like sometimes they could go into a fierce battle of life and death.
Sometimes when they have these fights I think of how else they could be dealing with their human flaws. They could be taking care of their childeren instead of yelling across a room and going to bed early.
I've been hiding things from both of them because if they knew what ammounts of stress they can put on to a teenage girl's shoulders, they would go into a never ending war. Some day I just might tell them how much I love them. And see what they might just do.
My friends are always in and out of relationships. I try to tell them that love was never made for middle school, then you would be married at twelve. They really don't care, but it's tiring trying to pick up all of the fragments of broken heart. This isn't really love, sorry to tell you that... but if you do have a boyfriend in middle school, it's really not going to mean anything when your older.
My best friend is much older than me and takes college classes, she is the one that I think is really in love. She has a boyfriend and he is very nice, even though I've only talked to him a couple times. It's a long distance relationship, but they've met before. I think the distance between them helps them strengthen the relationship.
I, myself have only dealed with major crushes. I still like him, ever since kidnergarten. He hasn't changed at all really. Some day I hope he finds this site. It's sort of like my diary. Then he might realize how much I love him.

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