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October 10, 2010
By freedombird GOLD, Staten Island, New York
freedombird GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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Average days in school. Average classes as well. But then comes History class. History class is a well opinionated, freely expressed class. Where students could say what they felt about the real world and races or religions. Stereotypes is what the students described, not likely the rest of the world. What really got me annoyed was when the subject of immigration came up. Then that topic went on to how much they disliked the African Americans, the Hispanics, the Russians, the Asians, the Irish, and the German and so on for “invading” their country and settling on their land. Moving to a new world is tough. Living in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn is tougher. And now hearing Irish be referred to mainly as “Drunks” or Germans as “Nazis” due to their ancestors mistakes and uproars on war to the high and mighty America, that’s the toughest. What’s worse is, none realize that they or their ancestors were once new to this world. They don’t realize that other kids of their race or religion made no war come up or mistake in world issues. In fact, when every child is born, he or she did not have a say in what race he or she would end up as or what religion would get taught from their parents. So no person can judge another or describe another as a stereotype. Do you have a research paper behind why you would call an Irish child’s family “drunks”? Or how about calling a German child a “Nazi”? No? Exactly. Why can’t we all just be friends? Like the song? Why can’t we all end hate and just learn to live with each other regardless of our skin color or religion. Why couldn’t this judgment have ended when Martin Luther King jr. spoke out to us? When he said, “At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love”, why couldn’t that generation just take those words to heart and end all this nonsense judgment and stereotyping? I could ask a billion more questions as to why we never stopped the idiotic jokes about different races and the fighting, but that would get me nowhere. To see a world fighting and hating instead of holding hands and loving, is what my generation is now used to. To try and change that, it would take a lot more than a song and an apology letter. When the falling of the world trade center occurred, I had to be honest and say I did hate and stereotype the Muslims and such. I kept on asking myself and others around me, “Why did they do that?” But I was younger then and didn’t understand that the world was troubled and that a bruise throughout the nations would be there for a while and that America would make it look like Pakistan was putting all the pressure on that black and blue when it was only the troubled. But now, I come to realize that these children, who are Muslim or some other kind of race or religion and receive dirty looks from other kids from other nationalities themselves, are just like me. They like normal things. Have friends. Watch television. Play video games and so on. They are no different on the inside. And shouldn’t that be the main thing that matters? I think so. So getting to the main point of things, I just want to ask: “People! Need you always find it okay to stereotype when you yourself isn’t ’ perfect?”

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This was an extra credit article i had to write in class. I think it was good... so you tell me.

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on Dec. 18 2010 at 1:16 pm
Shrien PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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YOU GO GIRL! (: <3 awesome!


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