To Cut Ties

October 9, 2010
By , Dunmore, PA
Do you know what pain is? Pain is something felt because of someone, something, or a situation one is thrown into. This agonizing pain I feel penetrates my soul, tearing me from the inside. My family is falling apart. I knew that my brother leaving for college would be hard for me, but I never imagined that this would happen.

My brother believes that no matter what he does, things will work out in the end. He’s wrong. He decided to lie to our parents and pretend to do the things he was supposed to do. My parents lost trust and faith in him. They wish that they did things different in the hopes of him being better. I thought that nothing could keep us apart…I was wrong, so very wrong.

My mother cries in anger and the pain of disappointment. She feels as if she has failed. I don’t believe she has. My brother is not so bad, but he lacks drive and he is an escapist of extreme proportions. He has dreams in his heart and so many amazing and intricate thoughts in his mind. Sadly, none of it matters.

I am so confused! I cry because my own life is difficult…now I don’t even know if I can worry about that. My mom says that she should cut ties with my brother. She doesn’t want to though…she just hates the pain of being lied to. My father was almost reduced to tears when he spoke of how much the disappointment bothered him.

I cannot relay the intensity of what has happened, nor can I explain why it bothers me so. I just had to write…I desperately hope my family will decide not to cut ties.

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