it hit me in disbelief.

October 6, 2010
By , redmond, OR
you got you're head in the clouds, i wish you would step back from all the lies you're livin' in. I see all the curiousity and lies in you're eyes.I was never in it to win, i was in it for you and i. Except what i didn't know is that to you it was just a game with just some girl, you where in it to win it.Why do you do what you do to me, this silence is slowely killing me. Without caring you push me til' i brake and you know how to use the words the cut me the deepest. You got me tryin' to run from these emotions daily. The sound of me wanting you never drove you crazy, i could never give you what you wanted and i never lit up a spark in you're eye. I was never enough. Iv'e began to build hatred towards you and it's running through my veins. I'm not able to change all the hurt, all of it that you put on me. I gave in and i'm trying to say no so that i can let go. I guess this is what you get when you let you're heart win. I can't believe all the time i wasted on you, not only all the bulls*** you put me through. You had me feelin' as if i was livin' some kind of teenage dream, The nightmare after it hit me in disbelief. Unfortunataly i fell head over heels for someone who had me fooled. You have me tied together with a smile, but only for awhile til' i brake. i guess you win. in the begining it was fine, you made me happy and took all the lonelyness but, in the end you made me cry. You tore me into pieces without any guilt. Kissing you was just a shame considering you had all the pleasure and fun while i have the pain. You where cute and you where fine, but these days you aren't mine. Man, you really do have me walkin' the line. Got me pickin' up that bottle and that pipe, i never did wanna fight. You built me up and you broke me down. might as well take a bow, cause it's over now.

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baileymartin said...
Oct. 19, 2010 at 8:47 am
its so true girls think just cause their beautiful they can manipulate u and twist your heart into nots but just when u truly fall in love they break you and hurt you bad almost like getting shot with a gun
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