more than a fighter.

October 6, 2010
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So tell me if it would have hurt you to try, but its time to say this pain is keeping me alive. I guess a lot of things cant really be what you expect it to be. life’s hard and we all move on from the situations we bare to confront. but no matter what its all worth it cause the hardest and most challenging things in life is what makes us stronger. day by day as your face and our memories gather and run through my mind I cant help but smile cause those times with you where priceless and I can’t think of anyone who I would have rather of spent my time with but you. Even though We aren’t together anymore, you have most definitely helped me learn and grow. I still feel like we missed out on everything. I’m still breathing with a broken heart. But I know you arent as happy as you come off or pretend to be I see right through you, the sadness in your eyes but things can get better, you can be happy. Through all that pain you have helped me heal and that has meaning. I guess being an open book my whole life never really helped much, considering it was just an opportunity for people to see the need to walk in and hurt me and walk right out with a smile plastered upon their face. Life’s a battle and I guess you could say I’m more than a fighter.

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