My First Horse

October 13, 2010
By whitkoapenglish PLATINUM, South Whitley, Indiana
whitkoapenglish PLATINUM, South Whitley, Indiana
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Riding a horse seems normal to me now. It is a habit, just something I do. When I was five, things were different. I was fascinated with horses and cowboys, but I personally had never ridden a horse. I wanted to be that strong cowgirl atop a horse with the boots and hat and it all. I wanted to rule the world and be out on those long cattle drives. And one day, I wanted to have my own ranch in Wyoming. I had dreamt about this my whole life.

It was June 27th, 2000, the day my mom was finally going to let me ride after months of begging. As we drove over to my cousin’s house, the biggest, cheesiest grin could not be wiped off my face for even a minute. I was so excited to get to be with what I thought the most beautiful creatures. We turned into that long driveway to my cousin’s farm. The car bounced with every pot hole in the drive. I looked out my window and in the fresh green pastures I saw them. I saw the horses running. Muscles on them moved so perfectly. They were beautiful. So free.

I got out of the car and Adam, my cousin, rushed over to greet me. He led me over to the barns. He had already picked out my horse that I, all by myself, was going to ride. Trembling with excitement, I could barely walk. When I stood aside one of the biggest creatures I had ever seen, I felt so small.

“It’s just like riding a bike, you are in control,” the first few words I heard as I stood beside that magnificent creature. Adam stood beside me showing me the parts of the horse and saddle. “His name is Cheyenne. He loves kids and is real gentle if you’re good to him.” I reached out and ran my hand down his back. Cheyenne’s tan body was soft and shiny. He had a black mane and tail that made him look gorgeous. I had learned that day that his color of skin and hair was called buck skin. And finally, it was MY turn to ride.

I put my left foot in the stirrup, on hand on the horn and one hand on the cantle. Without effort, I swung my right leg over. My hands were shaky with being nervous and excited; I reached down to grab the reigns. Adam had then left my side to go mount his horse. He led us out into the pasture and I couldn’t see anything but pure freedom. I looked around and I saw guys practicing lassoing and barrel racing in fenced in pins. “One of these days, I am going to be one of the guys. I won’t let this dream die. I will be a cowgirl!” I thought to myself.

Adam taught me how to control the horse, but in all honesty, I already knew. I watched so many cowboy movies I picked it up myself. I didn’t tell him that though, I let him think he taught me how. We went through the woods and in this creek. It was so beautiful. We talked about my future dreams and how I felt getting to ride a horse for the first time. We trotted out of the woods and were going up and down the rolling hills. We stopped on top of this really big hill and looked down onto all of the other horses. Then I did something crazy, I kicked my horse in the sided like a real cowgirl.

Cheyenne took off running. The green fields of grass passed under me so quick. The wind was blowing threw my hair and I felt like a real cowgirl. I felt as if Cheyenne and I were a part of each other, I felt so alive. It was incredible. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was on my own ranch, a cowgirl with a hat on and boots with spurs. I opened my eyes when Adam yelled out, “Wait for me lil cowgirl.” I pulled back on the reigns and waited for him.

We both decided it was time for some good cooking back at the house. We took off towards the house and I couldn’t wait to tell my mom what I did! Excited didn’t even began to describe my feelings. When we got back, I jumped off my horse with no help at all. Talking a million words a minute, I told my mom about everything that happened while Adam went into the barn to take off the saddles and let the horses back into the pasture. As he came back out from the barn and put something on top of my head and held out a pair of cowgirl boots that were just for me! “For my lil cowgirl.” He said with a grin.

To this day, I still have all three of those things; my cowgirl hat, boots, and one big dream.

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I love horses is all I can say! love the pic!

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