October 13, 2010
By whitkoapenglish PLATINUM, South Whitley, Indiana
whitkoapenglish PLATINUM, South Whitley, Indiana
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“Bam,” was the noise made when my teammate’s bat cracked against the baseball sending it whirling towards center field. The ball went “whooshing” over the second baseman’s head and into the centerfielder’s glove.

“You’re out!” cried the umpire. The feeling of disappointment as another one of my teammates got out surged a cold chill through my body. For three years I have been on this team and we have only won about two or three games total. The score of this game was 4-0 in the 4th inning with the other team ahead. The hope of my team winning this game was slim. Our next batter went to home plate. Twirling his arm, the pitcher began the wind up and threw a fast ball right down the center of the home plate.

“Strike one!” yelled the umpire. I look at the face of my teammate to see how extremely nervous he was. The pitcher began the wind up and threw another fastball.

“Strike two!” screamed the umpire. My teammate had sweat dripping down his face as if his head was near the sun itself. My team began to cheer for him from our dugout. For a brief second, I thought I had seen him smile after we began to cheer for him. The pitcher winded up and threw another fast ball.

“Strike three, you’re out!” as the umpire said waving his arms to give the signal that he was out. As my teammate came back to the dugout he had a huge frown like he had given up hope on winning this game. After we had our third out, my team took the field and began a new inning.

To start this inning off, the other team’s batter slammed the ball towards the right field, which was the positioned I was in. As the ball came soaring towards me through the air, I felt a nervous chill go down my back. Soaring through the wind, the ball came smacking down on my glove with a heavy thud. With a feeling of triumphant, I threw the ball lazily towards the second baseman with a huge smile on my face. From that point on things began to change. The next two batters hit the ball directly to someone in the infield for some easy and quick outs.

When we came back to our dugout, my coach had a big grin on his face which I haven’t seen since the beginning of the game. He congratulated me for my excellent catch in the right field. My team’s first batter of the inning got to the plate and got ready for the pitch. As he got to the plate he spat at both his hands and rubbed them together before taking his bat and patting in on the home plate. He looked as if he was ready to actually win this game. The pitcher did his wind up and threw the ball.

The umpire yelled “strike one!” When my teammate heard this he looked like he didn’t even care. The pitcher began the second wind up and pitched another fast ball. This time instead of hitting the catcher’s glove, it made direct contact with the bat. Skipping past the third baseman, the baseball went towards the left field. My teammate ran like a jackrabbit, and made it to second base. Smiling faces were all over my team’s dugout as they cheered for my fellow teammate.

Our second batter came up to the plate. He mimicked what the batter before him did before the pitcher made his move. The pitcher got ready and released the ball.
“Ball one!” screamed the umpire. As soon as he said that my teammate that was on second made a mad dash towards the third base. Hurling the ball at the third baseman, the catcher made the play a little too late. By the time that the ball had hit the third baseman’s glove my teammate was already waving his arms in the air on third to show how happy he was that he had stolen a base. After the play, the pitcher began to look furious. He threw a curve ball instead of the usual fast balls. The batter quickly changed his positioned and bunted the ball towards third base. Trying to get the ball quickly, the catcher failed to get the ball to the first base in time.

Now it was my turn to bat. I decided not to do what my teammate’s had done before at the plate because I thought it was silly. The pitcher, now mad more than ever, pitched the ball towards me. “Slam!” The ball went soaring towards center field. Going over the centerfielders head it went to the nearby parking lot. It was a homerun! My first homerun ever since I started playing baseball. My team and the crowd supporting me went wild. As I made my way to home plate, my team came out of the dugout to give a huge congratulation on the homerun.

It was one of my greatest moments in my life. I made the score 4-3. From that point on in the game, my team kept on racking up more runs. By the timed the game had ended the final score was 4-7. That was my team’s first win of the season and for a long time.

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