The Victory

October 13, 2010
By whitkoapenglish PLATINUM, South Whitley, Indiana
whitkoapenglish PLATINUM, South Whitley, Indiana
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It was the bottom of the seventh, the last inning of the game. We were down only by two points. Winning the game seemed like an easy task having the last at bat. This was a crucial win for us, our record was not where we wanted it to be.

Now, we had taken the field. This is what we have been practicing for. It was time for total seriousness. We only needed to get the last three outs, and score at least three more point to win the game and bring back another victory for our team.

“Batter up,” yelled the umpire. The last inning was beginning. I stood on the pitchers mound waiting for the batter to come in the box and hit. “Striiiike!” called the umpire. My first pitch was a strike. The second pitch I threw was a foul ball. Her count was now 0-2, no balls two strikes. One more strike and we would have one of our three outs we needed for this inning. I looked at my catcher and she secretly gives me the sign to throw a change up, which is an off speed pitch that is slower the your fast ball you throw. It caught the batter off guard and she swung and missed.

Here comes the second batter, ready to hit the ball. Our defense was ready for anything that came its way. They were constantly moving the feet. I threw the first pitch, the batter hit the bright yellow ball straight out to the centerfielder, and of course she caught the ball. Our second out!

Now the third batter came up, she looked like she could really hit the ball. Hopefully she was our last batter though. She hit the first pitch I threw hard down the third base line. The third baseman threw the ball straight to the first baseman’s glove. “Ouuut!” shouted the base umpire. She caught the ball! We did not let them score the whole inning. We only needed to get our bats going , and score three more points to win the game.

Finally it was our turn to bar. Luckily, we were at the top of our lineup which was a great advantage for us. “Batter up,” said the umpire agian. Our first batter went up to the batting box. Coach always liked us to watch the first pitch to see how the pitcher pitched, so that’s what the batter did. The second pitch came in fast, and the batter hit it right between short strop and third base and it rolled into the outfield. Then she dropped the bat and ran to first base and stole to second base.

Our second batter stood in the batters box waiting for the pitcher to pitcher the ball. She watched the first pitch, as told, and she stepped out of the box. Coach game her the bunt sign. As told, she bunted the ball very well and got on base. She moved the runner that was on second to third base, which is the point of a bunt.

The next batter was up and the pitcher threw a wild pitch. It flung all the way to the backdrop behind home plate, so the base runner on third sprinted home. “Safffe!” shouted the umpire at home plate. She scored. We only needed to score two more points to win this game, and we had two runners on base.

It was my turn to bat now. I needed to get a good hit to move my teammates to home plate. Like always, I had to watch the first pitch go by. The pitcher was getting ready to pitch the ball again. I had my legs bent, arms back, focusing on the ball. Now, I was ready to bat. It was getting closer to me. I moved my hands forward towards the ball and swung the bat. Bannng! The ball hit’s the sweet spot of the metal bat. The yellow object soars through the air as the runners tag up on the bases. The centerfielder clips the ball off the edge of her glove barely missing it.

Now I am a base runner moving my legs as fast as they can go. I see the runners in front of me. They are both going to score. I round third base line and see that both of my teammates have scored. We did it! We won the close game, only by one. Our whole team heads out onto the field lining up to shake the hands of our opponent. Good game, good game, good game is what we are saying to each other and the apposing team. My team stands on the pitchers mound, all hands in. We say our annual chant. Another victory for the Wildcard softball team. We are relieved that we won this game. Everyone has smiles on their faces. This is what hard work and dedication can get you…a victory.

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