Moving Disaster

October 12, 2010
By Josh Petz BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
Josh Petz BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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Who thought that a move could be so difficult! After weeks of packing our belongings, my dad finally pulled into the driveway with a twenty four foot Budget truck. Being the only other male in the family, it was me and my father’s job to load the truck. After two full days of work, many sore muscles and several Tylenol, we finally left Massachusetts on Friday, August 20. The move was going great until someone waved us down in Rhode Island to tell us that our truck was smoking. We pulled over on the side of the highway to check if anything was leaking and called Budget truck road-side assistance to see if we needed to get it checked out. Budget said “It is up to you whether to continue with the trip or to stop". The truck company informed us that if we were to stop, a new truck would need to be dispatched to our current location and it would be our responsibility to unload the old truck and repack the new truck. We were pressed for time and decided to continue the drive. Once we got into Virginia, we decided to stop at a rest area for a two hour nap. After my mom and dad got much needed rest, we continued on our way and this is when we encountered our first major obstacle. We were now in North Carolina and the truck started having severe problems due to the decrease in oil pressure. My dad once again called road-side assistance and this time they dispatched a diesel mechanic. Lucky for us, we pulled over into a Texas Road House parking lot because it took almost 3 hours to have the truck repaired. As we waited for the mechanic, we had lunch at the Texas Road House. This is the first time I ate southern food and heard a southern accent. After having a rather tasty lunch, the truck was repaired and we were once again on our way. We drove another 200 miles before the truck started having problems again. My father managed to get the truck into a truck service center, Truckers Association of America in Duncan, South Carolina. Our move to Georgia was again postponed due to falling oil pressure and another service call was placed. While waiting for the technician to arrive, my three sisters had to go to the bathroom. My mother was uncomfortable going into the truck stop so drove across the street to McDonalds. As me and my father waited for my mother and sisters to return, my dad received a phone from my mother. She was very upset and crying. We found out that a tractor trailer had been speeding around the corner and attempted to leave the truck stop through the entrance. In doing so, the truck hit my mother’s car and pinned my sister into the passenger seat. As soon as my dad hung up the phone, he drove across the truck stop parking lot to find where my mom and sisters were. When we arrived at the accident, my mom and the truck driver were arguing. My dad tried talking to the driver of the truck and he started swearing at my dad. My dad tried to calm him down and explain that there were children in the vehicle. The guy did not calm down. Instead the truck driver pushed my father and pulled a knife on my dad right in front of my sisters and my mom. The first thing my dad did was call the cops. The cops were there in less than a minute and handled everything. My dad removed the car from under the truck with minimal damage. Over two hours passed before the road-side assistance technician showed up to fill the truck up with oil. At this point, we have gone through 10 gallons of oil and the mechanic told us that this vehicle should have never been on the road. We were getting close so we continued our trip. A couple of hours later, we finally saw the sign that we have been waiting for, “WELCOME TO GEORGIA”. We had to stop one last time because of low oil pressure. We called budget and they said "If you know what the problem is, fix it yourself". When they said that, my dad was livid. A move that should have taken us 18 hours, took us about 36 hours. We finally arrived at our new home at 1AM Sunday morning but the trip was not over. Since we missed our meeting with the real estate agent, we left the truck in the driveway and drove to a hotel for the night. We left the hotel at about 12PM and we arrived to our closing about an hour early to take pictures. When we arrived, we realized that the truck leaked several gallons of oil in our driveway. The real estate agent gave us some helpful hints on how to remove the oil and let us into our new house. The trip to Georgia was an experience I will never forget. It showed me how adults deal with unforeseen problems and to never give up. The trip might have been a lot more than we expected but it was worth every moment. It was bonding time with my sisters and parents, the people that I call FAMILY.

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