Elliott Smith

October 17, 2010
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Let me have a minute to tell you about one of the most influential artist known to my existance which I hope will come to your existence as well. A lo-fi, indie man named Elliott Smith.
Elliott Smith is concidered the Kirt Cobain (Lead singer of Nirvana) of Indie Rock. Now this is my personal experience with Elliott Smith, one of my insperations.
As I was trying to find new music to expand my ever growing taste in music my cousin suggested me to listen to the works of Elliott Smith. So I went onto grooveshark.com (which is the best site next to this one ever made)and searched Elliott Smith. I clicked on the first song that was listed which was Needle In The Hay. When it hit the final note I thought that it was the worst song I have ever heard in my life.
I forgot about Elliott Smith until I read Rolling Stones Top Albums of the decade. I had most of the albums on there (excluding any rap music listed) and right there on number 11 I think was Elliott Smith's Figure 8. May I remind you, if you got any taste in music, this list had Kid A by Radiohead, Is This It by The Strokes, and also Funeral by Arcade Fire. So this list was serious.
Now my curiosity had peaked with Elliott Smith. So on my next trip to the music store I bought a used copy of Figure 8. I brought it home, uploaded it on my iTunes, put it on my iPhone. I put my headphones on and I started listening to it. Needless to say about 2 hours passed by and I was still listening to it over and over again. It had the power to reduce me to tears. I dont know what it was but just a certain chord, a substaining note just hit me. Hit me like a speeding bullet. Hit me like a raindrop smashing into the ground. Hit me like a punch from Mike Tyson.
It was incredibly how he was able to make the most acustic, lo-fi, simple instruments sound like a completely new instrument while at the same time demonstrating how the instrument sounds. It cant be explained, like explaing in clear detail the calmness of the ocean waves.
Unfortunately like Kirt Cobain, Elliott Smith commited suicide in 2003. Cutting short what could of been a great world renown musical carrer. Non the less though listen to his albums and become a fan of Elliott Smith. RIP Elliott Smith 1969-2003.

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