Something New

October 12, 2010
I don’t know how to write this, how to say this but for some days now, nothing has been the same. I’m sure everyone has gone through this; that one thing you though couldn’t possibly happen to you. EVER! And then it does. So afraid, that it doesn’t even have to be an earth shattering revelation for us to avoid it, a simple small thing as our perception. Not even the whole thing, just about some insignificant detail of our life and we do all we can to avoid it. I had walked, ran myself to exhaustion trying to leave it far behind and when I had nowhere to run I stopped. And stared.

You deny it for all you’re worth and yet it creeps up into the recesses of your mind, you thing about it more often each day until you run into this blank wall and realise that it happened and now you need to deal with it. That moment of realisation felt like I just burst out of the surface after staying underwater for long. I knew it usually triggered off because of something or sometimes it might be something you knew you would have to accept one day. The best part is, I never did think that change would spring such a surprise. Maybe it was the silence, or was it the wind whistling around the rocks or even the spray of water on my face that brought me to where I stood face to face with the very thing I had been long avoiding? It didn’t matter anymore, nor did I care for I could feel the sand beneath my feet and I saw the water rippling for as far as my eye could see... and then I was there no more.

This person now who stood at the very place I thought was mine- she no longer cared, for her, it no longer mattered and yet, she was happier and more alive than she had ever felt.
Yes, it was something new and so was her smile.

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