October 7, 2010
By NaomiakaNams SILVER, Lynwood, California
NaomiakaNams SILVER, Lynwood, California
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My 5th grade story

My cousin and sister both spent their last year at Mark Twain

Elementary with a teacher named Ms. Reilly. To me, I knew

she was going to be mean, but at other times she wasn’t. Both my

sister and cousin didn’t like her, but they didn’t know what

they had until they lost it. I was so excited that I was going to

be in a class with a teacher that I had known for two

years. Everything was great but during the middle of the

year the best teacher that I had understood me got sick

and most of the class were really sad but me the most.

I knew she was the best teacher and I didn’t want anything

to happen to her. She told us she had cancer and I got really sad

‘Cause what it did to other people. I felt like there was something

Than her just being sick. I was scared. Then, Mrs. Bobsin, Mr. Tucker

And Mr. Ogilby came in, they told us that Mrs. Reilly didn’t have the

Strength to come back.

So I cried just at that, a day after that they let us

Write cards to her and they would give it to her every Friday. So

I made her a card and they took it to her. I told her I went to

The science fair she always believed in me so I didn’t feel

Uncomfortable telling her. On Friday I was late as usual so I got

In my seat and my best friend, Leah came Running to me and told

Me the saddest news yet she said…….. “Naomi Mrs. Reilly is dead.

She died on Friday.”

I felt my Heart beat as fast as it had beaten in my life, I felt like

I was gonna cry my eyes out as soon as the day was done, I now felt

The feeling Erin had when her second grade teacher passed away due to

A heart attack, Erin was my friend in 1st grade and still is. But I knew she

Didn’t like her as much as I liked Mrs. Reilly. I went into the car at the end

Of the day and I was as silent as I had been in a long time. My Mom said that

Nikki, our nickname for my sister Nicole was trying to trick her into thinking that

Mrs. Reilly was dead, my mom didn’t believe it. Then I silently just gave her a

Paper notifying her death.

She felt really bad. As soon as I came home I ran to my

Mom and hugged her and began to cry so hard, Then I kept

On talking about how I couldn’t believe it and how much she

Was the best teacher nobody could’ve felt the way I did. And

I felt way worse than I did in a long time. After the first day of

The notifying of Ms. Reilly’s death some counselors came and

Said if we wanted to talk to them we could so I went at recess

And my friends weren’t about to let me go through the tears

Alone so they went too. Mostly all of us went through the tears

But we didn’t go alone.

I found out that she had a due date for her Death, see I knew

It was more. The counselor had us imagine the last time we were going

To see her and we had to tell her how we felt. I told her that I would

Definitely miss her when I leave Mark Twain. And that she will always

Be in my heart not only because she was my teacher but because

Understood me. She died of cancer, and that’s why I want to start a

Charity for people with cancer I know they don’t deserve to die either.

I always think about how life would be if she didn’t die I always think

About that but I know I won’t be able to relive the time I had when she was

Here. My sister said that I should pretend she’s there and she will be. I sometimes

Go into a room that is completely empty and nobody’s in there and I talk to her and

I’ll be honest every time I talk to her tears roll down my eyes. I miss you Ms. Reilly R.I.P

The author's comments:
I know there's grammer errors but I wrote this in 5th grade and would like to publish it as is in honor of Ms.Reilly

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