Halloween Ball

September 29, 2010
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On Halloween, the scariest ghouls all adorn themselves with costumes, including masks. Can a mask be something different besides something used to change who you are? I have many kinds of masks, all different shapes and sizes. Not one of those masks do I hide behind; the masks are who I am. Every mask is artfully stitched and handmade to fit me.

My friend mask is a mirror, but it isn’t nearly as shallow. It reflects exactly who I am to my friends. They can see the real me, and appreciate me for it. They can see the cracks from where I have stumbled, and the glue that hugs the pieces they have helped put back together. When they look at me, they see a bit of themselves. Without my friends I would not be who I am today, and my personality reflects that. I have to be careful with my mask; it is my most fragile mask and can shatter into a million pieces with just the whisper of words.

The strongest mask I have in my procession is made of steel. I wear it only for softball. I have to take care of this mask when I put it away in my collection, for if I don’t it may get rusty. I make sure my mask is always up to par; it cannot have a single scratch, divet, or bump. All the time I work on polishing it, or finding a way to improve it. When I put my mask on I’m all business. No more being nice, it’s either go big or go home. No matter how much pressure I put on my mask, it never buckles under or caves in. Like it, I refuse to give up.

The mask I most cherish is my family mask. It cradles me with open arms and protects me from all the negative things in my life. My mask is a net, and it is held together with the stickiest of glue. My family always catches me when I need it the most, even when times for us aren’t the best. I’m not always myself around my family, and I am certainly not the best person I could be. This mask has a distorted side, which can be cruel and harsh. I hate to show to the ones I love the most, and regret always follows after it shows.

All my masks make up who the person I am today, and each one accents my unique personality. Masks come and go out of my collection, but the ones that matter most will always be with me. Masks can hide you, or show you; it just depends on how you wear it.

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