The Show

September 29, 2010
By whitkostdnt10 GOLD, South Whitley, Indiana
whitkostdnt10 GOLD, South Whitley, Indiana
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Covered in black and white paint, sweat, and show oils I take a few deep breaths. I am tired and covered in hair from a long day of working at the show, now just waiting for the time to walk to the show ring for the final approval of the judge. Finally, the announcer calls” class 121 to the make up ring please”, we all walk at a slow pace toward our destination anticipating what might just happen with in the next 15 minutes. Nerves start to build the closer we come to the arena. As we walk up to the entry way a man ask, “Lane” my brother responds with a nod. As we wait for the class before to exit it we become a touch jittery with anxiety of failure.
The time finally comes for us to find out the real opinion on our days work. We are excited and nervous all at once, it seems like it takes hours before we actually enter the ring for the truth of the day. As my brother walks into the ring, I take a deep breath. There is nothing that I can do now.
My brother walks slowly around the outside of the ring at a slow pace keeping a close eye on the judge. They stop side to side and line up all as smooth as possible. The judge weaves to and fro through the rows keeping a keen eye on and remembering what he likes and what he does not like. He has everyone walk in a circle twice watching closely to how everything walks and where each step is placed. As they come around the second time everyone stops in a straight line head to tail. As everyone begins to set up feet the judge takes one more intense look at all of his options and then turns and walks toward the stage preparing to give a short speech about the show and the wonder job everyone has done on this long day.

After giving his short but sweet speech, he walks through one last time, this, time preparing to make his final decisions of the day. As he is walking back towards the stage once again, he takes a long glance at my brother and the wonderfully fit animal that he is presenting to the judge. As the judge once again turns on the microphone to speak, the crowd quiets to no more than a whisper.
He begins to comment on the quality he has seen today and about the wonderful kids that have shown up to be a part of a great event. As he closes he tells the crowd,” Now I will pick the Grand and Reserve Champions, I have had a wonderful day and I hope you have too”.
As he weaves through the calves, making his way to the calf he wants to choose he stops by my brother, lifts his hand, and gives the steer a slap on the back. He shakes my brother’s hand to congratulate him. He goes on to pick the reserve and top five but we have won the most coveted of the awards, the award of Grand Champion overall.

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