What Happened That Day

September 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I remember the first day I ever saw you. I moved here in second grade and saw you riding your scooter with another kid. I remember the first day we ever talked to each other. It was in the second grade classroom on my first day of school. I remember the first day we played together, in second grade at your aunts house that was just down the street from mine. You go there still everyday after school. I remember the first time you came to my house. It was kind of messy and my dog had an accident on our floor right before you walked in. I remember you telling everyone in second grade that my family did our buisiness on the floor. I was mad at her until third grade. We played together almost everyday after school at your aaunts from third grade to sixth grade. Everyday. We were great friends, until that day in sixth grade. Let's skip ahead a few years. I remember we were in the backyard of your aunts. You were talking about going to an AC/DC concert with your 20 year old alchohlic smoker sister. I forgot to mention this, but her whole family is alchohlics and the guy that was four years older than her ( whom she had a crush on) smoked pot. I started wondering about her. She was pretty healthy before the concert- no drugs, no alchohl, no older boyfriends, beautiful, skinny, the best at all sports, you were the popular girl, and average grades. That all changed at the concert. Your sister begged you to drink, so you did, and got drunk. Your sister begged you to smoke a ciggeret, so you did. You also smelled the weed being smoked from the people in front of you. I had no idea any of that happened until a month later. In between that month though, you stayed home from school even though you weren't sick, just because you didn't like school. You also stayed home to drink wines mixed together and to get your eyebrows waxed and your mom doesn't even care. Your mom spoils you, doesn't seem like she cares about you, and got pregnant at 16.
I found out that you drank at the AC/DC concert first and had a huge fight with her.

Me-"Why did you drink? Your only 12!"

You-" Because my sister says it makes everything funner! Duh"

Me-"You think looking like an idiot and puking fun?"

You-" Duh, my sister is pretty cool and she drinks so yeah"

Me-"Your sister also smokes"

You-" So what?"

Me-" So you need to stop"

You-"Everyone is going to drink in highschool so why does it matter?"

Me-" I'm not and I know some other people aren't"


Me- "Do you want to end up like your dad? going to die in his fourties because he is addicted?"

You-" Maybe"

I didn't reply. I just sent you a bunch of websites and videos of people dying and stuff from drinking on facebook.

The next couple of days, I found out about the concert and I told my other best friend about it. We both told you that we weren't going to be your friend unless you swore you would stop. You complained for a while then agreed. That whole summer the three of us hung out almost everyday. We did everything together. Spent the night, hung out, went places together, laughed all the time, talked all the time, and ran together because we wanted to get stronger for volleyball, even though we weren't fat and we were strong already. Then, you turned against us and found new friends, druggies that are three years older. Then you got a boyfriend that smokes weed that is older. Then you inhaled his smoke and smoked some too. That was the final straw. We were't friends anymore, in fact, we didn't even talk to each other anymore. Your grades have gone down to Ds and Fs. You are quitting sports and you have gotten worse at them. I found out that during softball season, that you mixed gatorade with alcohol during games to make you a better pitcher. We are not friends anymore. Not at all. You switched all new friends. Friends that don't care about you or your health. We were the only friends that actually tried to help you and we actually cared about you. The only ones and you took us for granted. Have a nice life.

The author's comments:
I used to have a best friend but she started her life in the wrong direction.

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