August 27, 2010
By jasmineloveswriting SILVER, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
jasmineloveswriting SILVER, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
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"you're never going to find someone that won't hurt you, thats why we only stay with the ones who are worth all the pain."

congratulations. you managed to rip up everything from under me, are you happy now, have i had enough yet? one fell swoop and it was all gone. i jumped and little did i know i was set up to fall. hard. so here i am falling, where i choke on every breath i take, where every smile i fake breaks, and where tears multiply. i knew it. i knew regret was coming but i lied to myself and jumped. i let you push me over the edge. why? why does each high have an even worse low. that everytime i want to believe the best i end up like this. im too broken to be fixed this time.

its a beautiful pain i suppose. that even though the tears seem constant, think to when the smiles seemed constant as well. but as beautiful as the pain is this can’t go on, its time i called game over. and as i crash into the ground for this one last time, im going to stop jumping all together. i guess you weren’t worth it, contrary to what you said you were not there for me. and as much as i wish i didn’t have to it’s my turn, this is my last goodbye.

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