Let The Light Shine Through

August 27, 2010
Have you ever thought about lying down and looking up towards the clouds? I do, all that time in fact. Watching them slowly move brings some kind of happiness out of my soul. The thing that makes it so much more beautiful is when the sun breaks free and shines its hot rays all over your skin, it's greater than I could have ever imagened. No matter where you are or who you are with, there will always be a place where you can go and just relax. Running through fields of high green grass is also plenty of fun and playing hide and seek with your friends. No matter how much older you grow, hide and seek or even just any sort of kid game will not be considered a kid game to you anymore. The best part about this wonderful place that I love is when a spring rainstorm begins. Little tear dropped shaped rain drops are falling from the sky, almost as if the sun had started to cry.

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