For What I Thought Was My Fault?

September 12, 2010
By Anonymous

*Mommy daddy why are you up, I can hear your yelling from my room Your going to wake baby brother up
I hope you end this soon*Mommy why are you crying, why does daddy look so mad? Am i at fault? Am i to blame?
It's never been this bad.*Daddy where are you going? Come back inside. Mommy left to the bathroom, maybe to run and hide.*Mommy what are you doing there? I'm opening the door! Mommy what is all of this stuff? Scatted across the bathroom floor?*Why are you throwing up? Mommy are you okay? Why did you just stand up, And push me out of the way.*What is this stuff on the floor? Bottles? a drink? If mommy drank it so should I! Maybe it will make them think? *Mommies come back! Why did you leave? Take me and baby brother!! He'd be awake i believe.*Are we looking for daddy? Mommy your going to fast! Baby brothers crying God i hope this doesn't last*Mommy have we stopped? This is where daddy is i bet?? Mommy you parked so bad. And I’ve picked up a sweat*Mommy go get daddy .why did you stop at his car? Mommies don’t bang on that! Your taking this too far*Mommy look a man He’s coming to help you "GET JIM" mommy yelled This all cant be true?*Here comes daddy His eyes are red Daddy your scaring me I'm better off dead! *Hi daddy why did you leave? Whys Mommy's eyes so blood-shot? Daddy stop yelling at mommy This is such a tight spot*Daddy, your driving the car? Mommy's in the back seat There is no ending this madness Mommy i accept defeat.*Mommy daddy I'm going to bed stop your fighting for a while I have to shut my door now i can hear you through the aisle*A knock at my door? who could that be? Baby brothers not such a baby. Of course you can sleep with me.*The screams wont die baby brother hold on tight I can feel a storm coming and it's going to last all night*Minutes seem like hours pass another bang at my door Daddy? what’s wrong Eyes red as he swore.*Daddy I don't know where mommy is stop yelling at us baby brothers crying again daddy stop with all this fuss!*Mommy ran away She wont get far Daddy's looking for her Inside Mommy's car*Baby brother let's go to sleep maybe mommy will be back tomorrow. Tonight has been a bad night My heart feels hollow*Mommy daddy where did you go wrong I gagged while you where gone for what i thought was my fault was yours all along?

The author's comments:
this happen when i was younger..

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