September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

There I was wondering why she would not talk to me. All I could see were tears running down her face. I think she was afraid of what her parents would say about us. Her parents are not fond of bisexuals; they don’t like the idea of two girls going out. My mom is totally different, see she has known I was bi because I had the courage to tell her. “Kelly it is time,” it is time I told her. She hesitated for a moment, she said “Emmy I’m scared. What if the disowned me?” “I am here,” I said. The tears kept rolling down her rosé cheeks. I asked her to stop crying but she couldn’t. We when in the house. She was shaking like a leaf by the time her parents sat down. She spoke very soft. As if she didn’t want them to hear. I told her to speak louder and she did she said “mom, dad I am a bisexual. I have been secretly dating Emmy for months.” her parents just stared. About a minute later her mother spoke with a trebling voce. She said” why, why God did you give us this child you have let her damn herself to hell.” She is perfectly normal she is just choosing what sex she wants to be with,” I said. Get out of my house, both of you and don’t come back until you choice Gods will over yours.” We left. About three months after she chooses Gods will to please her parents. I know that she felt forced to pick it, and will regret it for the rest of her life

The author's comments:
i am bi so this is a real storie but the names are changed.

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