Personality is a Strategy

September 6, 2010
I have always been enthusiastic about working in a group, whether it was project group in school or not. I wanted to aid in the creation of something amazing with the collaboration of people. Though, when there were only twenty-three kids, including me, on the playground willing to play ball somehow I was either never chosen or chosen last. Was my playing different? What made them not want to choose me? Through elementary school to middle school, this trend continued till high school.
I sat in the grass that day waiting for my turn. No, to be exact I was waiting for someone to become too tired or too hungry to play so I could jump in claiming my spot on the team. I sat there listening to other kids talk about girl scouts and how cute the new kid was during my wait. The bell rang, and we all returned to class. After recess, there was math class, then after that was gym. I didn’t dislike gym as long as it wasn’t the day where they test your fitness with painful stretching and difficult chin-up exercises. I especially liked gym today. It was dodge ball day with a substitute, my homeroom teacher, Ms. Len. Everyone knew Ms. Len had no idea how to play dodge ball the fun way.
The kids lined up to be chosen for teams by the two kids Ms. Len had chosen. I smiled with blatant anticipation for there were only twenty-two kids. I was chosen, albeit second to last, but it still felt good. We stood on our sides of the line in position waiting. The whistle blew and everyone charged to battle. I ran for a ball but fell short when another kid picked it up and aimed. They slammed the ball into the arm of the comrade near me. I ran for shelter. There, under the roof of our basketball courts on the hallowed ground of dodge, I hid behind a pillar, ball in hand.
I thought it was best to hide and wait for the number of enemies to dwindle down. I threw my ball to a brave comrade, in hopes of their using it wisely, and they charged onward. Now and then I would peak out to see how my team was fairing till I saw my chance. I grabbed a ball within reach and hurtled it towards my enemy and quickly went to hide. I did this until there was one enemy alone on the battle field. Thinking they had won the battle the child jumped in victory, it was time.
The game had ended and the bell had rung, it was time for English class. We were walking out and I was bragging till Ms. Len called me. I walked up to her as she kneeled to speak. “That was a good game, next time just don’t get too excited and hit people in the face. It is better to wait and win, just don’t get too excited till you’ve won.”
“Strategize to win, calmness is the key,” these words rang through my head as waited for the disk to come in my direction. The eighth grader class always had a seemingly unlimited supply of gym equipment but today was Frisbee day. There was only one Frisbee and we were all told to play. I ran for the disk and it was fun despite my lacking skill. No one would pass to me but my friend, Kirstin. She had the disk and it was almost time to go back to class. The score was tied and she threw the disk aiming for me. She overshot and no one thought I could make it. I turned and ran. The disk lowered and the ground rose. There was silence as Kirstin ran towards me. “Good game!” she said, “I didn’t think you could jump that high.” Everyone celebrated the victory as our opponents walked back to the lockers, defeated.
I was about to return to the lockers but the gym teacher called me to recruit me to the track team. I declined and told her that there was a hole followed by a little mound on the field and that it should be taken care of so no one falls. She looked at me for a second then dismissed me.
I sat in the chair waiting for my other classmates to finish the test. My teacher, Mr. Pitts, looks up and asks me why I closed my laptop. I had finished the test early. Students looked up astonished. I sat in the middle of the U-shaped arrangement of desks with my friend, Joseph. I felt embarrassed but remained calm. After everyone finished the test there was some time to pick teams for the tomorrow’s class review. Mr. Pitts designated two people to choose teams. I sat still, waiting to be chosen.
The bell rang, students filed out of the classroom, I smiled to myself; I was chosen first.

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Maria C. said...
Sept. 13, 2010 at 6:17 pm
I like this.
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