Life Is Full Of Questions

September 7, 2010
By Raquelllll BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Raquelllll BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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I Always Ask Questions But I Never Get A The Answer Back.
Why Is That.?
Is It Because People Are Afraid Of What I Would Say Or What I Would Think.?
I Wonder Why They Can't Just Get Me A True Honest Answer.
I Always Get “Oh I Don't Know” Or “I Don't Think I Should Tell You”, “Go Ask Your Mom”.
I Hate It.
It Sucks Cause I Wanna Know What The Truth Of My Life I Hate The Fact That People Keep Secrets From Me.
I Can Understand Everything Now.
I'm Old Enough To Understand.
I Wish My Family And Friends Wouldn't Lie To Me.
If You Ask A Question Of Course Your Gonna Want At Least Something Back.
I Always Just End Up Getting Hurt.

My Questions Since Day One.
1.Why Does It Feel Like My Own Mother Stop Caring About Me.?
2.Why Do I Have So Much Pain.?
3.Why Didn't My Dad Look For Me When He Was Alive.?
4.Why Did My Mom Give Up On Me.?
5.Why Does Everyone Like Putting Me Down.?
6.Why Does My Step-Dad Become Before Me.?
7.Why Does Everyone Think I'm A Lier.?
8.Why Did It Have To Happen To Me.?
9.Why Cant I Be That Perfect Daughter To My Mom.?
10.Why Do The People That I Love The Most Always Turn There Backs On Me.?

See Every Question Starts With Why And Ends With A Question Mark.?!
My Questions Are Always Gonna Remain Unknown. But Also Who Knows If There Gonna Be Answered.
Hopefully One Day I Get Them All Answer And Hear The Stories Behind Them.

Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions.!
Never Give Up If You Don't Get A Answer Back.

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