Language Arts Class

September 1, 2010
The rustle of pages intrudes my ears as I sit in the uncomfortable steel seat that is my desk. The constant buzzing of voices in my ear- a continuous annoyance, invading the deep, once quiet recesses of my mind. There is no escape now; I am confined to this torture chamber of a room for the time being.

My pencil scratches across the paper, sullying the once pure and clean white sheet. The talking has ceased, but the fans and computer hum darkly with anticipation for the unwilling intruders to leave. The buzzing picks up again- laughter and giggles this time; the sounds of concentration lost. The large lady at the front of the room attempts to silence the sounds. She fails to realize that her obnoxious shhh-ing sounds and the irrelevant comments are only contributing to the buzzing.

Alas! A new sound. A long clear ding of freedom. The Bell! The Bell! The sound frees the room’s prisoners as we rush to the exit this dungeon. The sound silences the buzzing and once again restores the peaceful balance of my mind. I sigh with relief as the silence floods in. I am free! …….. until tomorrow.

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AgnotTheOdd said...
Sept. 12, 2010 at 2:45 pm
unless its a friday O.o
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