August 30, 2010
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I walk the streets of my town every now and then. I see and hear people stare at me for reasons I have yet to figure out. I ignore them usually, knowing that if I were to acknowledge the honks, whistles and yells, I would be defying ever lesson I was ever taught. You see, I've grown up in the three most popular cultures. I was born in a big city, moved to a small hick town, then back to a big city, before staying in a town that's somewhere inbetween. I know that people think I'm ignorant of the town's size, but truthfully, most of the other people here are. The culture shock wasn't moving here from D.C., the culture shock was moving to D.C. from the small hick of a town I lived in before that. The culture shock of moving here was simply of the fact that I had nothing to fall back on. Nothing to catch myself with.

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