Letter To My Bad Boy

August 29, 2010
By this_is_myself PLATINUM, Ukiah, California
this_is_myself PLATINUM, Ukiah, California
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The more you love your own decisions, the less you need other people to.

I dont know who said it, but I love it!


I miss you so much. I hate being out here and knowing that you're in there. In jail. God, I can't imagine what you're going through. I hate not being able to see you or talk to you at all. At least when you're out here we can text or talk on the phone, but not now. I swear I'm counting down the days until you get out. Every day I write the number of days you have left on my hand. My friends ask me what the numbers are for. I just tell them it's nothing. They don't need to know what it really is, because they all think it's stupid that I talk to you. Maybe they're right. Maybe you're just the player that all the girls think you are... Too smoothe for your own good. Every girl you've ever talked to has told me to watch out because you're just going to hurt me. I think about you and that doesn't even make sense. They don't know you the way I know you. The way you smile at me melts my heart every time. After I got cheated on by my last boyfriend I didn't think guys cared and I didn't think I would ever trust another guy enough to see. You changed that. The first time I met you, I knew. I don't know what it was, but everything just changed on the spot. I haven't stopped thinking about you since then. You say you can't stop thinking about me either. I really hope that's true. I hope that in this dark time for you that I can be a little bit of light in your life. I hope that thinking about that little time we've had togeher makes it easier to get through the day like it does for me. You're basically the only thing that makes me get up and go to school every morning. I don't know how or why this happened so fast, but it did. I didn't want to feel this way for you because you're trouble. And a hell of a lot of it, but everything I say to you is true. I do have very strong feelings for you. You say that I'm you're world... You are MY world. I trust you. Babe, I BELIEVE IN YOU. I know you're in a bad place, but I also know that you can change. Please, make that decision for me so that someday we can really together the way were supposed to be. I pray for you every night.

Baby Bear

The author's comments:
This is a letter that I wrote and when I read it over I thought it was beautiful and could probably mean something to anyone who reads it.

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