Just You

August 29, 2010
By Anonymous

It all started in fifth grade.

On the last day of school, we went to a water park. June and I were hanging out all day, just playing in the water. We went to the arcade, and found you. June is your cousin, I was just a stranger. I didn’t know who you were and I am sure that you didn’t know who I was. We got to know each other, remember? We bonded over a game. In the end we were friends.

Over the summer I realized that I liked you more than a friend.

In sixth grade I realized that you liked me more too. I also realized that you were just as shy as I was. We had June be our messenger because we were too shy to actually say it to each others faces. I told another friend that I liked you and she ended up making me (and yes she blackmailed me) to ask you out, which was weird since usually the boy asks the girl. But I did it, because I liked you.

It lasted until seventh grade, and I think you know this already but our relationship failed, we rarely ever talked, so I broke up with you just a few days before our one year anniversary. So seventh grade was the end of us, but things started to get better. Like, when me, you, and June would sit together in math class. That was fun. We talked more as friends, than as a couple. I found out more about. . . Which only made me like you again.

In eighth grade I stopped liking you. We grew apart, other then the occasional ‘Hey’, everything went downhill. Before school ended June broke some news to me.

“You, know, after you broke up with him, he came to me to have a talk. He said that he really liked you. . . that he really liked you”.

“He did?” I said.

“Yep” and that was the end of our conversation.

When she told me that, I felt horrible, like I hurt you. I truly didn’t want to. But I didn’t think that you felt that way.

In ninth grade we re-connected. Things totally changed, again. I realized that you are the sweetest person ever. I realize that I really liked you. Your smile, your hair, and your humor. I like how you make me laugh and even the way you make fun of me. I like that you play soccer and you wrestle. I even like your choice of video games. In fewer words I like just you.

In the end, I realize that I love you. I believe that we were meant to be. The reasons that we weren’t together were because that I was scared. I always have this thought in my head that says that there is no such thing as young love but you. . . You’re the exception. If only you could understand that, and you could as me out this time, so that I know for sure that we belong together. And as Cheap Trick once said, ‘I WANT YOU TO WANT ME’

To: You know who you are.
From: You know who I am.

The author's comments:
This is a true story. It is true. I do like this guy but I'm still so shy. Any tips on telling him that I like him? All appreciated. And thanks to my friend "June" who dealt with this whole thing.

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pandiibearr BRONZE, New Gloucester, Maine
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i thinkk yew should hangg out moree&& try tew build up towards asking himmm outt.


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