The Smashed Window

August 27, 2010
By SteveV66 BRONZE, Klamath Falls, Oregon
SteveV66 BRONZE, Klamath Falls, Oregon
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The time I smashed my aunt’s window, was, at the time, horrible. It all happened when I was four. Out of all my brothers, I was the only one who remembered it. Now, I tell this chapter of my life to everyone.
I was on my way to my aunt’s house to while my parents worked. We were playing baseball that day. My brothers and I were all having a great time, batting and pitching, the sound of the ball getting hit filled my memory. Pretty soon it was my turn to pitch.
By the way, my uncle owned a junkyard, and we were not allowed to play in it. So we played in the yard in front of the house. Thus, when I pitched, there was a risk of breaking a window of the house. But I pitched to my brother anyways. He missed the ball. BANG!!! The ball shattered my aunt’s window. We were in big trouble. The smell of dust filled the air. “Crap!” yelled my brother. Our dad was going to have our heads.

When we got home, our dad began to yell at us. “You boys are in big trouble!!” After we got yelled at, we all got spanked and sent to our rooms for an hour. According to my memory, we also had to hear our uncle yell at us. He basically cussed us out. After this incident, about a week later, we had to replace the window because I lied about how it was broken. We had to apologize to our aunt and uncle as well. It really sucked. Fortunately, this is all I remember about that time in my life.
This incident made me feel clumsy. Even now, thirteen years later, I still feel clumsy. At the time, I felt really bad for breaking the window. Now, I laugh at the story. It made my past interesting.

The author's comments:
I hope people will get from this experience that no matter what you do, it will make your life more interesting.

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