Waiting For My Time

August 22, 2010
When you spend your life knowing what you want in life it's very hard to accept that it can't happen. I want to change it and make sure everything goes as planned and I want to be strong again. I want to be self confident again. But really can anybody change things? When you find something that you're really passionate about you will do anything for it correct? Well that's how I feel and I want to have my time come. I sometimes fantasize about living during Armageddon and thinking of what I would do. In my opinion, I’d climb to the top of my house and call the person I love while the world fell apart. I wouldn’t run or cower in fear like most people would do. Its Armageddon you can’t escape it. I would hope the person I called would answer and I would tell them to leave town and don’t come back. And I would talk and talk and talk till a meteor smashed into me and I would hope at that point I’d be happy with my life and more important myself. But if that meteor hit right now people would you be happy with yourself and your life? I ask this question now and I want all who read this to comment and answer the question. I wanna know, if yes you’re happy, why you are happy give advice to how to be happy with everything your life has become. And if no, I want you explain why also but tell what you could do to be happy. Cause right now I’ll answer my own question. I would not be happy with myself if I died today and I can’t explain why exactly but I feel it may be because I never really experienced what I thought my life was suppose to be and I don’t feel I ever will. It’s a depressing thought but this question can change your life. Just not mine.

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ilove2read124 said...
Aug. 27, 2010 at 4:34 pm
this is pretty good, it has raw emotion and displays your thoughts really well.to answer your question, no.i wouldnt be happy, because there are so many things i want to know, and so many questions i would leave unanswred, about, everything.about the people i love, about myself.and if i died today, i would never have them answered.i wouldnt be happy, also because i havent tried to make chocolate cake yet, lol.XD but yeah, i wldnt be happy
Healing_Angel This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Aug. 28, 2010 at 6:19 pm
Me too!! I always thought I was the only one who loved making people happy. My friends think it's weird, but I don't care. I love doing it. Keep it up!
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