The poem with no name

June 28, 2010
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I'm in this room in which no one is in and I feel that no one cares. They make me feel as if I am an animal in a cage. They make me feel sick and cry and what do they do to solve it, they stick me in a room alone. It makes me feel mad when I think about it now that no one would stand up for me and take a stand. It was just easier to blame the person that was reacting to it then the person that was doing it. It felt like I was all alone and everyone was out to get me. They would tease and taunt me for my size and that I was terrified of storms and the people that was doing this it me were about the same size as me. If I couldn't do something what would they do they would tease me and call me names like "chicken" and "fattie" and they would do it on purpose just to get me away. They absoulatally HATED ME! But, I know I will have the last laugh.

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