Chapter 1: If This Ain't Love

August 16, 2010
By xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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Love is probably the biggest event to take place in my life, and deffinatley by far the most powerful feeling I've ever felt. I remember the first time I thought about my idea of the perfect love, but it was neve no story book jawnt i was lookin at it like ghetto princess status. My own kinda fairytale where the guy didnt sweep you off your feet and kiss your ass daily, na yo non of that fake shyt. I wanted me a dude who kept it real and could hold me down for the rare times where i coudnt do it myself, cuz for the most part i can. I needed a guy who knew how to hold his own, talk alotta shyt and back it up, a guy who could put it down, and most importantly never forget who he is and what he truley wants. I wanted to be part of what he truley wants. See people dont know the seriousness of finding the one person who could change your life forever. you could have your heart shattered into a million pieced more than just a few times, but the feeling before that is so great that you never hesitate to remember that you want love so badly no matter how much it hurts in the end, your just gonna do it all over again and i surley did. I've hurt myself the equal amount that ive been hurt by others because most times they were the cause. Up to this point i've learned thatno matter how much the person you are currently dating tells you they love you it doeant mean you should say it in fear that this may be the last time for a long time that you legitly hear it and feel like the wait is over because its not until theres long term involved or a ring around yerr finger. Plus i fugre if you say it and later figure out that you dont mean it, that means that you waisted those faithful words out of fearful claim, and anyways i think you only get to say your in love 3 times before its a lost cause for hopless romantics and you dont know what love is. In all honestly maybe depending on the situation and the persons involved you can be in love maybe two more times than three. After that its a rap and theres no excuse for it. If you think about it there are different kinds of love, like the way you txt it, type it, or sign it in a letter. LOVE is for ya girl or ya man, Luv is for friends and the other love it dont matter how you sign it or whatever else because if you dont say those kinds of love then you say you got love for somebody. its not as intense, and that way you cant be a hopeless romantic because you didnt say the same type of love for every guy or girl you wit. The funniest thing about this whole love situation is that we allow it to feed on our mind body and soul, the opposite of music because music feeds the soul. Anyways though like i was saying why do we allow it to take the full effect and use us up unless we know in a couple months or year it will all be worth it. Some of us were born with unconditional love, no matter how much love hurts in the end we are always willing to start fresh and build back the walls of our heart for the next one. People like that belive in more htan second chances and that not even because they believe in it for others even though thats true too. they believe in more than second chances because they are the ones who actually need it when it comes to love because like i said hearts get broken no doubt.

The author's comments:
write me a broken love letter
chapter one if this aint love.

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