Ignorance is Bliss

August 12, 2010
By Tgentry15 SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
Tgentry15 SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
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Celebrate your successes and stand strong when adversity hits. For when storm clouds roll in, eagles will soar while small birds take cover. BE AN EAGLE

They look at her with envy.

They tell her:

"You are so lucky."

"You have it made," they say to her, "You have so much ahead of you."

They aren't sarcastic or demeaning or false; They only speak of what they see. They pride her on her academics and her athletics and her appearance. They only see her when she is away from home. Meanwhile,

She is hiding.

She buries the fights at dinner and the constant criticism. They can't see the beer bottles that overflow the garbage cans or smell the weed that drifts from under the doorways into the hall. They can't see that the house is divided.

They don't know about the pregnancy tests, the scars, the long lost loves, the bruises, the move, the shot glasses, the cuts. Their vision is dilluted by the "support" at the games and the forced Christmas cards, the vacations to Hell's waiting room and the undertone 'I love you'. She's surrounded by broken dishes, broken mirrors, a broken home.

But how on earth would they know any of this would happen in a house framed by a perfectly cut lawn and neatly trimmed bushes? Only God Himself you see through her masterful fake smile and the protective laugh.

It's all locked away. It's locked behind the clenched teeth under those ruby red lips; it's locked in the tear ducts hiden underneath mascaraed eyelashes and black eyeliner. And she holds the key.

It's slipping threw her nervous, shaking fingers. She tightens her grip, and her facade grows deeper as she becomes hollow. It humors her that they think so highly of an empty shell of a person. They might as well be jealous of the outter casing of a walnut or peanut. Something worthless. Something useless.

'But,' she thinks as she sits alone, 'let them be envious.'

Afterall, ignorance is bliss.

The author's comments:
Troubled times are easier with someone by your side and remembering that nothing is EVER as bad as it seems.
When someone reaches out to you, take the time to listen.
RIP Joshua

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on Aug. 15 2010 at 8:11 pm
ForeverFelix PLATINUM, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
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Daydreams can be worse than nightmares, but that never stops me.

This is really well written. Great job.

Please check out some of my work if you get the chance? =) thanks, keep writing!


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