Why Do I Feel?

August 12, 2010
I can't tell if what I feel is wrong or right. Everytime they speak about oneanother it feels like a ton of water rushing so fast and so hard like knives cutting though my heart. My head pounding with so much thats neither true nor false. Things i wish i didn't know, the tricks that hurt me more than the other. Do you think that by bashing each other to me is hurting the other? No cause i don't tell either what they say, i hold it in in atempt that nobody gets hurt The sadness in tourture ripping me apart inside killing me, giving me a Demon to follow me breathing down back wrapping it's claws around draining the life out of me, destubing my peice, pericing my mind. Destroying my thoughts. You're supossed to protect me right? Then why am i feeling like this? Why do you tell me this? If you can't handle it, you think I can? Now I have to be the Gauridan of your angels. My dreams are desturbed, so is my thoughts, in hope that someday i'll shrivle up and die.

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