Love is NOT at First Sight

August 8, 2010
By alpomp12 SILVER, Odenton, Maryland
alpomp12 SILVER, Odenton, Maryland
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Steph paced back and forth through her perfectly painted primary colored room being followed closely behind by her fluffy white bischon frise, Coco. She stared down at her iPhone waiting for the OK to go ahead with the plan from her bff Kelsi. “Come on Kels, I don’t have all day.” Steph sighed as she plopped on her bed putting her perfectly manicured hands behind her head. Kelsi was down the street, probably hiding behind some random trashcan, waiting for the biggest assho… jerk in their entire high school to casually walk by after football practice with his idiot friends. This “jerk” has a name, and his name is Cam. He thinks he is the toughest and coolest person who walks this earth. Cam gets every girl without even lifting his perfect little finger. Even if he does have perfect brown eyes, a nicely tanned muscular body and long brown hair that moves with the wind, none of that matters because he makes Steph and Kelsi’s skin curl but especially Steph’s. Him and Steph have had many problems over the years ever since they first met in elementary school. So, its time to show Cam and his little friends that he’s not all that great and they have the perfect way of doing it.

“I don’t know Steph… that’s kind of mean to do isn’t it?” Kelsi said uneasily earlier that day after hearing Steph’s plan to sabotage Cam’s appearance that she came up with. “UM, no Kelsi it’s not mean? You know what he does to everyone especially me!” Steph ran her fingers through her nicely straightened brown hair looking for split ends. Both girls were sitting with their feet elevated on the table in the kitchen eating Cheez-Its and drinking Orange Crush. “I honestly just think he‘s a total jerk to you because he likes you so much“ Kelsi blankly stated as she stared at her toes spotting a hangnail. Steph‘s has acknowledged that idea before but never thought anyone else thought it too… Well it doesn‘t matter if he likes her or not, he needs to stop confusing her by saying he likes her but ignores her a week later. Like seriously, who does that? Jerks, that‘s who. “I‘m tired of him so I‘m taking him down, now are you with me or not?” Kelsi thought about the “or not” part of Steph’s statement. Now if she didn’t agree with her, she knew all hell would break lose. “Your totally right” Kelsi admitted as she took a swig of her drink, “he’s going down.”

The singing of Katy Perry woke her up 10 minutes after laying down on her bed. I guess I must of fallen asleep, Steph thought to herself. She looked at her phone to see who was calling, FINALLY it was Kelsi and immediately answered. “Kels where have you been?? I’ve been waiting for your call for forever.” Steph headed over to her bay window and looked out. She heard laughing, obviously coming from Kelsi, “He’s coming.. And guess who he’s with.” She pondered this and couldn’t come up with any ideas. “Uh I don’t know, his mom?” Kelsi started laughing hysterically “NO a girl!” HA HA HA. We’ve got you know Cam, she thought to herself looking over at the bucket full of beans and other gross things she would not eat. She paraded her pantry earlier to get all the foods her parents forced her to eat but she didn’t like and threw them into the bucket to dump all over Cam’s gorgeous but filled with hot air head. “Hello? Steph? Did you hear me? I said a girl! He’s with a girl.” Kelsi repeated over and over again waking her up from her scandalous daydream. “Yea I’m here and that’s so hilarious we totally planned this on the perfect day.” There was some strange noises coming from the other line and Kelsi whispered “I know right, but you better hurry because he’s almost to your house.”

Steph got the heavy bucket ready to be dumped out her window. She opened the window and peaked out, she saw him coming and tucked back into cover. Steph began giggling to herself trying not to get too distracted by the images in her head of him being totally embarrassed and running home after she’s done with him. She peered out again and set the bucket on the window sill. As he stepped right under her window she dumped the whole bucket landing on everyone BUT Cam. “Are you kidding me?” She screamed and slammed the window before they looked up to see where the gunk came from. Steph quickly dialed Kelsi’s number and sat curled in a ball devastated from what just happened. “Did you do it! I bet he is so mad right now.” Kelsi laughed on the other line but as soon as Kelsi heard cries she instantly stopped. “What’s wrong? This is a time to be celebrating not crying.” Steph sniffled and replied “ I poured the bucket… on everyone… but Cam.”

The author's comments:
I like writing about love stories but adding a little twist to them instead of going straight to the point because not all love starts out perfectly.

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