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August 6, 2010
By 143lovebaby BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
143lovebaby BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Live like your in a day dream lifes yoiur fantsy, but act as if youll die tomorrow.

I couldn’t stop staring into those endless brown eyes, as we floated down the river. So dark and mysterious holding so many untold stories. His fingers entwined with mine. His hand stroking my cheek. That shaggy brown hair dripping water down his face. I couldn’t help but smile at how perfect he seemed.
“What?” he asked in confusion.
“Oh nothing,” I replied innocently. I laughed as he got a bemused expression on his face and his lips turned up into a small smile, his dimples showing.
“You always do that,” he said.
“What do you mean?” I had no idea what he was talking about.
“You always seem like you have something on your mind, something to say,” he stated looking at me with an expression I couldn’t quite place.
“Nothing at all?”
“Nope,” I lied. I had everything to say. Like how perfect he was. How I never wanted this moment to end. How much I wanted him to say those three little words. I don’t know why then it just seemed right. We’d said them before many of times. I knew they were all sincere I just wanted them then. I stared into his eyes never willing to look away. Searching them willing him to say it. But I saw something there something deep and true. I saw his love for me and with that I was content. We went round that river over and over neither of us wanting to leave. Just happy with laying there. His thumb drawing circles on my arm. His hand in mine. Content with this moment and how lucky I was for having him. Being able to call him mine.

He smiled again, I loved that smile, and squinted against the sun. He sat up in the tube and I leaned forward my head laying against his arm. He bent down and kissed me gently on the lips. I love his kisses, how gentle he is yet showing his want. Not just desire in them but love. He wasn’t forcible or demanding he was caring and almost…hopeful.

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