Through My (humorous) Eyes

August 3, 2010
By JennyR BRONZE, La Vernia, Texas
JennyR BRONZE, La Vernia, Texas
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Dear Readers!
Today is the Fourth of July so remember to see some fireworks, shake a veterans hand, drink some lemonade and eat a hot dog! It is on days like today that I realize how drastic the change will be moving from my small Texas town to a dorm at the University of Texas. One dorm alone holds as many people as in my town! I am soooo excited to make the small town big city transition, but just in one day I realize how large of a difference it will be. For instance, today is my small town’s annual Fourth of July picnic at our local (and only) park. Today you can see small children mounting their souped up lawn mowers (Trust me, these are not your normal lawn mowers. Nope! They are themed lawn mowers; often having prized deer antlers attached to them. I’ve even seen one with a 60’s ‘Flower Power’ theme) in hopes of winning the Lawn Mower Racing Championship. Or you can see even smaller children (or ‘tikes’ as we call them here) trying to catch and tie a greased pig. While I will miss my small town I am quite sure I won’t miss these qualities. I realized moving away has its positives and its negatives. Never again will I have to go back to high school and see people who will never understand why I like to read, sing, or my obsession with musical theater. Haha. And never will I have to see that guy I dated for way too long that every time I see I rack my brain and wonder why I ever went out with him. However, I leave behind my family and friends; people that have supported me throughout my entire life. But it has been the support from these people that have inspired me to pursue my dreams. However, it is true that I feel like I have never truly fit in in my small town. To put it into perspective, I am a pair of skinny jeans in a sea of boot-cut wranglers. Now I am moving to Austin, Texas a place that is polar opposite of my home town. Gone are the lawn mowers and here are the eco-friendly Prius’. I can say Goodbye to the greased pigs and Hello to the many vegetarian restaurants that line the streets of Austin! I am ready to move on and meet like-minded people who don’t stare at me with a confused expression when I tell them I love musicals, CNN, and yes, I have read a book longer than 300 pages.

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this piece as part of an application of Seventeen's "Freshman 15" (a group of Frehsman bloggers designed to write about first hand college experiences). While it may be a bit silly, the information is 100% true. I hope that it can entertain teenagers but also help them identify with someone else who often feels 'out of place'.

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