Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

August 2, 2010
By Jamie Bishop GOLD, Cartersville, Georgia
Jamie Bishop GOLD, Cartersville, Georgia
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I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.

-David Livingstone

Let’s face it… Being without someone you really care about isn’t fun. I had a best friend recently compare a break up to a death, but worse in a strange way because they’re still around… they just don’t want to speak to or see you. I must say, I completely agree. As tragic as it may be, I think I’ve finally realized what has to be done. You can’t dwell. If someone wants something different, they want something different. And if they don’t realize what they have, well, they don’t deserve you anyways. No matter how much you may love them or want them for a very long time, it’s about moving on. Everything is going to be okay. And one day, you will find someone who won’t leave you. Someone who will take you for all that you are, good and bad… because that’s all what we want, right? Will we ever find that? Well, take a number and get in line. It seems to be the hot item and there’s limited amounts of it left. It’s easy to love someone when they’re at their best, but we’ve got to step back and accept that everyone is flawed. If you can’t accept that, then how do you expect someone to be able to accept YOUR flaws?

Other than that, life isn’t over. You’re still alive. You still have the gift of waking up everyday, a healthy and hopefully happy creation. No matter what anyone says, it IS a tragedy. But you have to move on, even from tragedies. They’ll come up from time to time in the future, but you will find someone who appreciates you. And then that memory will become less and less until there’s hardly anything left. Or maybe it will be so strong that you’ll never forget. But chances are, you will move on. Even as much as it may seem like you won’t. Look to the stars. You’ll find your way.

It’s alright sister. It’s alright brother.

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