August 2, 2010
By Jamie Bishop GOLD, Cartersville, Georgia
Jamie Bishop GOLD, Cartersville, Georgia
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Maybe nothing is what it seems. Maybe nothing matters. Will the friends you have today matter tomorrow? Think back to when you were in the third grade. How many of those Keds wearing playground rascals do you still talk to on a daily basis? Possibly one or two, but doubtful. That was your life then. As you were crossing the monkey bars, the girl with the ribbons in her hair was the apple of your eye. What was her name again?

I over analyze and I tend to think that everything is of the utmost importance. There are jobs, people, and certain situations that you think are truly the most important thing in your life. God forbid you are fired, broken up with, or failed. Years from now, you will be laughing and saying “I failed Chemistry twice before I realized I was into Political Science” or “That girl broke my heart, or so I thought at the time”. Everytime I’m in a situation that I think is life altering, positive or negative, I take a second to breathe and tell myself it’s really not going to matter.

This Tumblr post you’re reading…. it doesn’t matter. The fact that you’re reading it doesn’t matter. But I think it matters that I wrote it. And I think it matters that you heard it. Because no one will ever put these exact words together in this exact form ever again. And no one will ever get what you’ve gotten or not gotten from it. It doesn’t matter, but you must do it. Because hell, what else have you got to do? We weren’t put on Earth by choice, so now we’ve got to figure it out.

Or maybe we did choose. Maybe we knew we could do something with it. Life, that is. Like when someone is opening a jar and they’ve been struggling with it for a solid fifteen seconds. Our hands and wrists are burning with the desire of grabbing the jar from them. Why? Because we know we can conquer it. Most of the time the first jar-opener has loosened it (which they always make known) and you’re able to pop it off and save the day. With life, there’s not anyone saying “Well, I loosened it, so I’m sure it was easy for you to unscrew”. We get full credit for this.

Anyone who claims that everything they do has significance is full of shit. What did you eat for breakfast the morning of February 28th, 1989? Guess it just wasn’t significant enough. You remember things that you believe to be significant. Over time, some of those significant things alter and exaggerate (most common with females). And most often times, the things you remember for two years become hazy and fade away within five. This is because it doesn’t matter. And if it doesn’t matter now, it didn’t matter then. And when you die, which you will, it won’t matter.

I think maybe when I take in full stock of my life, I can’t see anything that matters. Because what matters is what you can’t see. The intangibles of life. Those things we are all waiting in line for. Love, peace, faith, etc. — It’s important that you do what you do because you create intangibles from the tangibles. Just do it. Because although nothing matters, you have the ability to create something that does. You’re an artist, and you had no idea.

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it, because nobody else will.” -Remember Me

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