A Stormy Morning Experience

August 2, 2010
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The feeling of the cool damp air rushing across your face. Its like the world is sighing and your breathing it in. The sun has only just barely begun to creep over the horizon and you know that no else is experiencing this feeling except for yourself. No one else crawled out of bed and looked out their window, only to see thick roiling storm clouds melting across the sky. No one else opened their window, the tantalizing smell of clean rain and cold wind tickling their noses. No one else decided to step outside that morning, their feet padding silently on the cool concrete of their driveway. Only you stood out in that empty field behind your house, the grass damp with condensation. The sky was screaming and lighting flashed with radiant light. You knew that the world had you at its mercy…and you didn’t care. A fat raindrop landed on your face, exploding in a shower of cold mist. Another followed and then another. You smiled. This was your moment. Only yours. Forever.

Then it began to rain.

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