Your Reflection In My Words...

August 2, 2010
Looking back at all the words that have your reflection hidden in them, all the words that tell of your betrayals and the pain you caused me... looking back all I see is my heart, failing to believe. I see it failing to realize that it was real, it was so real. I can't shake the feeling that all I said was just to hurt you, but I could never want to hurt you and you have to know that. You have to understand that my heart was broken and now... Now I know I should've thought about it all but I was irrational and I didn't know that someday, if I was lucky, someday everything would be okay and that reflection of you that I see in all those words would be the face I see every time I close my eyes. And maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit here but now I know I should've had faith and so, I guess, this is my apology for ever making you think or feel like I didn't still believe. I just lost faith, I faltered, I stumbled... But now I have that faith back and I know that everything will be okay. I know I'm lucky now.

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