The Love For Someone

July 7, 2010
By believinginme SILVER, Tampa, Florida
believinginme SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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When it comes to love there are no rules!When you love someone you will not let anyone come in between it. Even though yall have up and downs yall always managed to stand strong. When people say how you shouldn’t be with him/her they don’t understand the love yall share. When you truly love someone there is nothing yall wouldn’t be able to handle because yall love is so STRONG!!! When you in love you felt as if your heart has been complete. Love is like a puzzle that is waiting to be completed. The love that two share for each other makes the world go round without making one sound. When you love someone they will make you happy and keep you from running out the door. Once you in love that person will become you’re rock, you’re pride&&joy, you’re sunshine and you’re beautiful dream. When If you love someone it don’t matter how much yall argue and fight, at the end of the day you know they will never leave your side for nobody else in life. When you love someone every morning you wake up they are you’re 1st thought of the day and they last thought before you go to bed. you love someone yall will stick it out to the end and won’t ever let each other go!

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