Not an Atheist

July 26, 2010
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I'm not atheist because Sometimes I disagree with the preacher
or don’t believe in it
I'm not atheist because I don't necessairly call myself a Christian,
or bother to pretend to be one.
I'm not an atheist because I don't go to church,
or because I find it boring.

i was baptized as a baby. I had no choice. I didn’t know what I had to believe in.

Baptizing as a baby, it’s your parents’ responsibility to raise the baby up to be the perfect Christian. My parents Split. So I was left to myself confused about religion.

As a child I went to church 3 day a week just because I felt I owed it to Him^. But I realized I found myself questioning it. And without the support of Christian parents I found it a lot easier question my “religion”

No I am open to my question. I believe and God. Yes.

I just have my own ways, my own beliefs.
So don't pass judgment on me, as I wouldn't do so to you.

I miss a day of Church and everyone rides on my butt about it.

I can just as well pray at home than go to church being bored.

My beliefs are basically little bits and a piece from every religion is what I believe.

Most religions are a personalized way of understanding
and worshipping the same thing.
Some people choose to believe in their religion
only because it brings them hope,
and gives them a reason to live.
Many just need to feel like everything they do,
has a purpose, or some greater meaning.
Or maybe it's because they are told that,
if they do not believe, they will burn in hellfire.

That’s Fine. Im not bashing on anyone with religion. I wish I had one but I simply don’t believe in a certain one.

Most of My friends Are Strong Christians. I love talking to them about religion.. They Know I Question it. And they don’t shut me down. They Understand. So Religious people is not what bothers me.

I believe you can still believe there’s God.

But I don’t think you HAVE to go to church.

I’d much rather it at home and pray and read the bible.

I just Don’t trust other peoples views because of different interpretations.
I have my own path to follow.
I'm going to question things.
I'm going to think outside the box.
I'm not going to be scared into my religion because I’d feel Hypocritical.
I'm going to find peace in my thoughts and beliefs.
And live my life accordingly.


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