I'm Using You

July 24, 2010
By , Sebastpol, CA
Little two toned pill; each morning at breakfast. It used to be I'd grovel and swallow my pride. Build you up like the good man [I thought] you were. Looking back it's kind of funny. Because now this time around I'm the one using you. So I'll have something to do and someone to talk to when I'm bored. Only ever when I'm bored. Funny how a little pill makes the remaining sand in the hourglass seem so precious. I'm not about to waste it corncerning myself with you. Like Thoreau sugguests we do, just as children, I'll play concerned. I doubt you ever knew i could hold my own, but since I can that makes me a bitch. But now I'm going to walk away as you did, with the same eloquent parting words. "Whatever."

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