When I look at you

July 4, 2010
When I look at you I look beyond that physical appearance, I look beyond what I perceive from others, past the smile, past the charm, and I see where I long to be, that dwelling where I desire for the love we possess for each other to reside, your heart.
When I look at you I see someone who complements who I am, someone who makes up for things in the areas for which I am lacking, someone who will joyfully display a smile if I cry, someone who is not selfish with their giving, with their time, someone who will hold me when I need to be held
When I look at you I see a friend, my best friend, someone who does not define me by mistakes I have made, someone who drives me past my limitations, someone who encourages me throughout all my endeavors, someone I can unceasingly reach my hand out to and know they’ll be there to take me through whatever, wherever, whenever
When I look at you I see someone in who I can confide, someone who has deservingly earned my trust, someone who I can discover things from, someone who has already without recognizing it contributed to bettering me as an individual, someone who does not just repress themselves to the possible physical aspects of “us” but someone who can luxuriate alongside me mentally, emotionally and spiritually
When I look to you I see wisdom and sincerity, someone who is an inspiration and everlasting reminder of how blessed I am, you are another one of Gods many blessings for me, but what is most imperative is that you are someone of strong faith, something I admire. I see God in you
When I look at you I often times also see disturbance and confusion, I see someone who is continually debating the possibilities of an “us”, someone who is weighing the positive and negatives, the gains and losses, the highs and lows even at the notion of an “us”. Some days I may sit for almost an hour and contemplate on what it is I can say or what it is I can do to induce you to willingly allow you and me to become “us”.
When you look at me though, my hopes are that you do not see confusion, but that you only see someone who will be strong when you are weak, someone who will lead you into the light whenever you find yourself in or lurking near darkness, someone who will sincerely love you for you, but most importantly someone who will eternally be your best friend first.
When you look at me I request that you do not scrutinize me for perfection or yearn for someone who is flawless. I expect that you’ll look at me as I look to you and see me, Carly, someone who cares for you so extensively, someone who couldn’t envision going one day without your smile, hugs, laugh, scent, someone who is overwhelmed with your strength and with the warmness of your embrace
I plead that you let everything else drift away, all of the confusion, all of your doubt and fears; I demand that you look only at my heart.
When I look at you I look beyond that physical appearance, I look beyond what I perceive from others, past your charm, past your smile. Baby every day I see where I desire so badly to completely be, that place where I can only pray and wish you’d

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PoetryGoddess10 said...
Jul. 27, 2010 at 9:13 pm
awww i feel bad nobody is commenting my stuff lol :(
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