Never Forget a True Story

July 22, 2010
By Terriehunter BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Terriehunter BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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One day my auntie told me she love

me. She said if she ever dies remember w hat I told you. But on the other note when my auntie was living she said if I ever have a problem please come to her cause she was my age before. So one day I had a problem with my mother. We had a little word to each other.
I was thinking what my auntie told me never talk back to a person that had you. Right now that day I could been dead cause when my mother was talking to me. I had walked out on her and this man was following me around. I never told my mother cause I was scared so I was trying to go back home.
But I was thinking if I go home that man was going to know where I stay at so I went on a porch that somebody was staying at for he can stop following with me. Then he stops following me and he waited in got the address then he had left me alone. We the man got to the concern I came off the porch and start walking home.

I came home and told my mother that was sorry for leavening out the house when she was talking to me. So we were talking and my mother start crying and were like I’m so sorry daughter. In I said guess what mother me and my auntie was talking about never talking back to a person that had you…

R.I.P Auntie RITA

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