Wisconsin Dells

July 22, 2010
By AnTonio BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
AnTonio BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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July 1st was my friend Cody’s birthday. Cody decided that he wanted to go to Wisconsin Dells for his birthday present. For anyone wondering, Dells is a city with a large amount of water parks. Zack, Cody, his mom, Collin, and I all went on the trip. While we were at Dells having the greatest time of our lives, Zack and Cody get into an altercation over a girl. They are both upset and pledge not to be friends anymore.

While we were in Dells, we stayed at the Truta Vista Hotel/ water park. Now this wasn’t any ordinary water park. This water park was connected to the hotel in some kind of underground passage. It had 2 roller coasters, 3 pools, and 5 different tube rides. Did I mention this was all inside of a building?

Well, Zack had met this girl named Lisa and they were hitting it off great. Cody comes and tries to talk to Lisa at the same time as Zack does, which starts an argument. Cody scares Lisa off, causing Zack to have a fit. So the guys argue for about 45 minutes, and at this point they aren’t friends. For the rest of that day, they weren’t speaking to each other.

Collin and I were trying hard to have a good time but it was impossible with those two fighting. Eventually it got out of hand and Cody’s mom had to squash it. For the remainder of the time, we were enjoying our time spent in Dells. The following Monday, we left Wisconsin Dells happy, excited, and no problems. It was so fun we might go again.

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