June 30, 2010
By blondey SILVER, Lyones, Oregon
blondey SILVER, Lyones, Oregon
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I am the author of my life, unfortunately I am writing in pen so I can't erase my mistakes.

My body is tense, ready to jump at any moment. Sweat runs down my cheek. My legs twitch with anticipation. My muscles jump with every second that passes by. I wait for the loud boom to go off. I can see nothing but the finish line. It starts to get cool and the clouds roll in from afar, and it starts to drizzle. The cool water runs down my face. I am ready for what is about to come. The guns sound in sequence with the thunder and I am off like a deer. Over and over again my legs pulse every time they hit they ground. The rain is falling harder than before. The wind has picked up and takes me to the sky. One leg rises up and over the first hurdle just like an eagle gliding over the mountains. After that it’s like I’m flying as fast as a red-tailed hawk. There is nothing to it. Before I could think I am at the end. I step over the last one and my flying comes to a stand still. I fall back down to the earth with a great crash. I could hear the people gasp as I hit the cold, wet ground. But that doesn’t stop me I didn’t hurt and I didn’t care so I got up and started to run again. I saw the finish line and it was right there. “Never back down, never back down,” I heard echoing in my mine. Heavy breathing is echoing is my ears but it wasn’t mine. For there was two very different breaths. It was mine and another runner. We were neck and with each other. The heat is on and the adrenalin is pumping harder today. The sky turns black and the rain still falls, the wind has turned against us, trying to slow us down. But I keep on going for I am not powered by Gatorade but by the will of wining. I pass the line and I am excited from what I have just done. A team mate comes over to help me but he just stops and looks at me in horror. I follow his eyes and to my surprise I was bleeding a river of blood. My hands are hurting now. I look and see that I have rocks in them both. My knee broke my fall and here is the consequent for what has happened. I look up and wait for the announcement of who won the race. I stand there, waiting. Waiting with the same anticipation as I had at the starting line. My body is cold and tired. But I still wait. My team mate tells me to come and sit under cover. I don’t give up ground as he pulls me, but I refuse. The harder he pulls the more my spikes dig into the earth. I look at him and he just stops. For he knows that I will not move. He drops my hand and walks away. I look to the announcer who is staring back at me with wondering eyes. Then just like that he is gone. He goes to the inter com and start, to speak. Then everything comes to a stand still. Everyone has froze, all I can hear is the drip, drop, of my blood hitting the ground and the vigorous thunder over head. Then through all that I hear him start to speak, it is faint but you could tell what he said. After such a long fight to get hear our school turn out on top. After so many times it slipped out of are grasp. We got this one by the spikes. Everyone jumps up and down in the rain. But I stand there relieved of what I have just done. The blood runs down my leg still and my hands ceased to stop raining blood. The warmth on my body makes me feel better. I collapsed on my hand and knees and start to cry, the pain is not the problem it is the tears of joy. I struggle to get up only to be put back down. My coaches know me well enough to be ready for the worst. But it wasn’t just me that made this possible it was the team. We will never back down. Where we go and what we do, we do as a team. We are the mighty Tigers. So hear us roar our mighty roar.

The author's comments:
I was in track and that is an event that happened. I wrote it down and came up with "Tigers"

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